Links to Vendors

Below are links to vendors that we know have good reputations and authentic products of good quality.

*Denotes items of use for 84th Impression

WWII Reenactors Consumer Guide

The Well Dressed GI   
A company that carries Caps, Scarves, Helmets, GI clothing and gear.. Also offers a reenacting consultation service
*Jeep caps, scarves, gloves, 84th helmets and field gear.

Thunderbolt Productions
This is "The Site" for reproduction WW2 US paperwork, products and images

World War II Impressions
A company that carries a very complete line of reproduction GI clothing and gear..
*M-43 Field Jacket, wool pants and shirts, double buckle boots, WAC clothing.

Lost Battalions
Excellent company that reproduces German and Allied clothing.  Excellent customer service and very personable.
*Wool uniforms.

What Price Glory
Complete line of "Yank" items with very good customer service.
*Wool pants, shirts, dress uniforms, double buckle boots, M-43 jackets, Mackinaw jackets, wool overcoats, field gear items.  Also WAC items.

At the Front
Good Line of U.S. gear to include footwear, field gear and clothing..
*Field Gear, Double buckle boots and uniforms. 

Bayonet Inc.
Complete line of reproduction GI field gear and footwear..
*Complete sets of khaki field gear and double buckle boots.

Hessen Antique

Jackets, HBTs and caps

*M-43 jackets, tankers jackets, HBTs and caps

AEF Supply
Reproduction American Military Uniforms and Equipment

*Wool uniforms, raincoats, sweaters and other gear.

J. Murray 1944

Helmet supplier extraordinaire, as well as helmet parts.

*fixed and swivel bail helmets, 84th painted helmets and field gear

Top Pots

Another good helmet supplier, now based in New Zealand.  Great site to research your helmet liner!

Hogan Quartermaster Depot

Great Repro Rations!

Western European Products

Another great militaria and reenactor supply house. Good HBT's for GI's and WAC's.  Offers Unit discount when you tell them you are with the 84th ID, mention Tim Scherrers name.

Lewis and Clark Surplus
Reenactor owned surplus store in South Dakota

*Original items

Service of Supply

Reproduction grenades, and other interesting odds and ends

WWII Supply

Great little company that makes many small items that adds to your impression

*MP and medic Brassards, footlocker goodies

H.J. Saunders Insignia
Supplier of original type WWII insignia that has both OD green bordered 84th patches and 334th Infantry crests.
*84th ID patches and 334th crests.
Reproduction Dog Tag Chains
Just one item but it's nice!
*Dog tag chains

World War II Ration Technologies
Make your own WWII rations
*WWII do it yourself rations.

War Horse Trading Post
Reproduction WWII Military Uniforms and Equipment.  They are making WAC Officer and Enlisted Uniforms.  Also make Navy WAVES uniforms.

Overlord Military Antiques
St. Louis local store you can dig in.  Lots of original WWII American gear, to include dress and field uniforms, original collectibles and odds and ends.
*Lots of original WWII American gear, including WAC.

Woohaven Antiques
Store with interesting collection of WWII gear, to include WAC, original crates and collectibles.
*Check out the catalogue and see for yourself.

Allied Armor
Want a tank?  They have several for sale!
*World War II tanks and vehicles.
The source for WWII jeep information
*Jeeps and trailers.

Midwest Military

A Minnesota based source for WWII vehicles and Dodge parts

Vintage Powerwagons

An Iowa based source for WWII Dodge parts

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