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[Railsplitters: The Story of the 84th Infantry Division]

Click to view  "Railsplitters" is a small booklet covering the history of the 84th Infantry Division. This booklet is one of the series of G.I. Stories published by the Stars & Stripes in Paris in 1944-1945.

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84th ID Battle of the Bulge 

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22 Rue du Progres
B-4032 LIEGE

84th ID Honored; US Holocaust Memorial Museum

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Annotated Bibliography for the 84th Infantry Division

Assembled by Liz Scherrer  

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Wolff, Perry S.  Fortune Favored the Brave; A History of the 334th Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division. Manheim: Manheimer Grossdruckereie, 1945.  Reprints available through the Railsplitter Society.  The 334th Infantry Regiment history.  A great collection of information and pictures.  Has a section listing a short history of each Company in the Regiment.